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Close up Magic Circle magician Danny provides high class magic for grown ups and families.

Entertaining, engaging magical experiences which leave memories that last


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Danny’s self deprecating and friendly style has everyone smiling and laughing without magic.  Then he leaves them astonished and gasping  with his wide variety of engaging and original tricks and mind reading.

Working with some of the world’s best known companies Danny’s commitment to excellence begins immediately, doing everything he can to make your life as easy as possible and your event the one everyone remembers. 

He takes the time to speak with you before your event to understand things about you, your guests and your business  and can tailor his tricks to match the event and the people.  You can rest assured and safe in the knowledge that when you book Red Hat Magic you will be in safe hands, leaving you the freedom to enjoy your event and focus on other areas as required.

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Danny Jurmann

Winner "Most Entertaining Party Magician 2023”. 5 🌟 reviews. Based in Surrey. Travel anywhere.

Tonight @tylneyhallhotel Christmas party corporate entertainment.

It was fun.knackered though.  After the equally fun Royal Variety Show I think I’ve had 4 hours sleep 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Arrive in the hat, quick change to black tie (no hat). Ready for gig 2.

The Royal Variety Performance after party is always a lot of fun

When I say Red Hat Magic will do whatever is required to make the event a success I do mean ANYTHING.  Tonight it was moving a mountain of rubbish from behind the stage. (It was supposed to have been cleared but hey, life 🤷‍♂️)
Saturday’s gig.

A triple 40th birthday party for triplets and their families with a mini stage show.

#birthdaymagic #magician
Magical memories

Ricky and Jo's wedding at a golf club I forget the name of!

Photo by @reddoorphoto 

Magic for the new Mr and Mrs Southon at @frimleyhallofficial 

Photo by 

#weddingmagic #weddingmagician #magician
Katie and Joe's wedding.... check out the expressions.

Laughter, happiness, wonder.

Entertaining at a Diwali party yesterday 

Well it’s been a lovely few days in Venice but home again and ready to magic
Thrilled to be back entertaining at The Royal Variety Performance this year!

It’s always such fun!

#londonmagic #londonmagician #themagiccircle
Red Hat Magic: 

It's not just about the trick. 

It's about the emotion and the amazing memories they create.


Photo by @reddoorphotographyruth
Off to work :).
Does the value of Red Hat Magic exceed the cost?

Bill thinks so!

#birthdaymagician #birthdaymagic
Bill’s birthday!  He wanted a show, he wanted to be centre stage, so I taught him a trick.

As you can see he nailed it!

Happy birthday Bill, glad I could help make your performing dream come true!

#partyideas #birthdaymagic
The dress request for tonight’s gig was “colourful”.

What do you reckon?
Today I got to meet Pennywise

The costumes were great.

#halloween #partymagician
Party time!

#partyideas #magic #christmaspartyideas #birthdaymagician
Happy Halloween!
Part of my costume for Halloween.

Can you guess the rest? 

Guesses in the comments
Part of a custom magic trick I made for Dinesh’s 60th birthday.

(He’s a Liverpool fan)

#custommade #custommagic #personalisedmagic #birthdaymagic #birthdaymagician #partymagician
Happy Anniversary Darling.

It was my wedding anniversary this week. 19 years together! Woohoo! (That's my woohoo... I can't speak for June.... that way lies trouble... as I've discovered) and we decided to celebrate it at the Thai Terrace restaurant in Guildford.

If you don't know it, it's on top of a multi-storey carpark (yes really) but the inside is nice, the food fabulous, the cocktails delicious and the view across the city great. Add to that great service and you can understand why it's one of our favourite restaurants. I really recommend it. We had a super time, go there often and it is always good.

When I showed June the above photo she didn't realise it was from just a few days ago.

Because the food is delicious but, by dint of familiarity, the event is not particularly memorable.

Compare and contrast that with our tenth wedding anniversary when I rented a hotel and invited our wedding guests for a surprise party (June had no idea), or when we went to Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, A Belmond Hotel a multi Michelin star restaurant and hotel. 

Both of these are experiences cost much much more than the Thai Terrace but they are events that have lived on in our memories in a way that the Thai Terrace has not. 

Yes Le Manoir cost 5 times the meal at the Thai Terrace but the Thai Terrace gave us a meal we ate once, whereas Le Manoir gave us a meal we have eaten many times. Once for real and again and again in happy reminiscence.

I could make a case that Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons or hiring a hotel is far better value.

Having Red Hat Magic at your party or event is a bit like the difference between The Thai Terrace and Le Manoir or hiring a hotel.

Sure your normal party or event is probably fun but is it memorable? Is it extra special? Red Hat Magic is the X factor that makes your event the one everyone remembers and relives and makes happy.

Yes there's a cost but the memories are priceless and each time you relive the experience you do so for free.

Danny is The Lux Life Awards "Most Entertaining Party Magician UK"

Contact Danny by calling +44 7754 583 089 or emailing

#weddingmagician #partymagician #magician
Day off
Nice and early for Dinesh’s 60th.

150 people.  It’s going to be fun.

#londonmagician #60thbirthday #partymagician #themagiccircle
Me and a friend from @rentadinosaur at today’s tradeshow