Hiring Your Magician

There is more to hiring a magician than money and there is more to magic than tricks.  Some are skilled, some are entertaining, very few are both.  You don’t want any magician – you want THE RIGHT magician, one  who will not only perform mind blowing magic but who will also engage and entertain your guests; not just a joker with a pack of cards.

It begins with a chat, where we find out if we are right for each other.  You tell me your dream and I share my experience.  We will make your perfect event TOGETHER – it’s not about me taking over.

You have a 100% money back guarantee so you KNOW I can’t afford to muck my clients about.

I  will want to hear not just about your event, the date, number of guests and so on, but also ABOUT YOU.  What you enjoy doing, what your interests are.  This enables a unique event to be crafted just for you and your guests – the people who know and love you best.

What’s Different About Red Hat Magic?

Ever since a party guest said “I don’t usually like magicians but you’re different, do you have a business card?” I have thought about what makes me different.  This is what I came up with:

  • No cheesy lines!
  • An engaging personality
    (people like me)
  • Commitment to your event.
    This includes finding about you, your guests, your vision for the party and creating custom entertainment.
  • My focus is you and your guests.
    My overriding priority is that everyone has an  incredibly better time because I am there – not showing how clever I can be.
  • Commitment to the magic.
    Most magician’s primary magical concerns are pocket space and reset (does it take up lots of space, does it reset for the next group instantly).  Mine are, is this a miracle or a trick?  Can I get multiple people to join in, will it engage many people or just one?  How can I make it stronger?
  • I perform magic that others do not….and get results like these:“Danny!You were absolutely spectacular on Saturday, thank you so much for such a brilliant show of magic. You are the talk of the town and I will of course recommend you to all.Thanks again and will see you in the future for sure ?Best Wishes,EmmaPS the kids are still trying to work out your tricks this morning”
  • Perform in French and German


About Danny

I am a full time professional Magic Circle magician who has performed in France, Germany, Holland, Scotland and the UK.

My experiences with people of all backgrounds and many cultures allows me to connect and entertain everyone – whoever your guests happen to be and whatever your venue, be it pub, prestigious high end, multi-day client event, or castle your guests will laugh and have an amazing, memorable shared experience.

Technically skilled, charming and entertaining, with an enviable reputation and a total satisfaction or your money back guarantee there are many magicians but there is only one Red Hat Magic.

What Do Red Hat Magic Clients Say?