A Canal Trip In Amsterdam

While it is true I often entertain at parties with lots of guests, it isn’t always the case.  This was  a private party on a canal boat in Amsterdam, with only 8 guests, and Red Hat magician entertaining between courses.   The boat was a private hire and different dishes were brought on from different Michelin star restaurants along the way.  I thought what a great idea for something special for a romantic break or honeymoon event!  The boat and hosts were lovely and the food was amazing!
The boat was the Lieve, owned and run by Bert and Elga, a lovely couple.  You can book it here.

The restaurants were: Bord ‘Eau (2 Michelin stars), La Rive (1 Michelin star) but you can choose your own provided they are within 100m of the canal.


“Dear Danny,

Thank you so much!  You were everything I had been told and more; we are still talking about it even now, incredible….and I will never forget Jonno’s face when you pulled his money from the egg!  Priceless!

Best wishes,