A Magician Is Like A Restaurant…

A Magician Is Like A Restaurant?!  Let Me Explain…

Imagine you go your favourite restaurant, you go there semi regularly, the food is good, the ambience pleasant – you like it.  Every instance is enjoyable but none of them stand out – each time you go is nice but not especially memorable.

Now imagine you go to an incredible restaurant – everything about it is amazing, the food, the wines, the atmosphere, the service everything ….and yes it costs more but this is a meal you will eat several times. Once in actuality but then several times over the years as you relive the moment.

This is how I think of magic.  I am not one of those magicians who says your event will be rubbish without me.  Of course it won’t.  Like your favourite restaurant it will probably be perfectly pleasant and even fun.  However it is very unlikely to be memorable, it won’t be special.  It will blend with all the other pleasant but not especially memorable parties or weddings you have been to.

Conversely have professional entertainment and it’s like going to the best restaurant ever!  An experience the likes of which everyone has only seen on TV; something unusual and very special…..and now you have a party that will be relived and enjoyed for years to come.  The special restaurant that sticks in the memory and is relived for the rest of your life.

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Photograph by Ginny Marsh www.ginnymarsh.co.uk