Charging by the hour? I don’t like it – here’s why

I don’t like to charge by the hour.  Here’s why.  Charging by the hour  takes all the risks away from the magician and puts them onto you the client.  It’s not great customer service.

Picture the situation.

You book your magician for an hour from 7pm …… and the guests rock up at 8.

Or your wedding ceremony over-runs (they almost always do)

Or everyone is absolutely loving it, everyone wants to see more….and the magician suddenly leaves

When I receive an enquiry I want to know all about it, where, when, how many guests and most of all is there a theme or special event.  Pricing is then based on those answers and my experience of having entertained at 100’s of similar events.  Of course I have an idea how long things are likely to take….but this way the risks are with me not with you – it’s a better service, and that’s what Red Hat Magic is all about.  Quality entertainment providing an excellent service that exceeds its cost.

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