A lady holding a stethoscope to her ear and laughing with the magician at a birthday party

“Magician Wanted” – How Long Do You Need?

I see posts like “Party – 20 people, need magician for 3 hours”.  

Possible, but highly unlikely.  Your party might be 3 hours long but you almost certainly don’t need a magician for all of that.  Here are some guidelines.

Under 20 People

Your magician will be with you for an hour maybe an hour and a half depending on the event.  Consider either close up where the magician mingles with your guests or a parlour show – where the magician is up front and everyone watches.

40 people

90 minutes to 2 hours close up or 45 minute parlour show or combine the two: 1 hour close up and 45 min parlour show).

100 people

2 – 3 hours close up depending on what you want.  Magic during wedding photos and the wedding breakfast – 3 hours.  Otherwise 2 hours.

150 plus

3 hours and possibly consider having more than one magician. A reputable professional experienced full time magician will be able to help decide what you need and can make your party more memorable than you can imagine.

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