Bride and groom enjoying magic at their wedding. A ball of ice has been produced from flame.

What Makes Red Hat Magic Different

a picture of the magican Danny Jurmann aka Red Hat Magic in his trademark red bowler hat

So all magicians are basically the same and get the one that’s cheapest right?

Thought for the day: You are not hiring someone to “find your card”.  You are hiring someone to entertain your guests. Usually you are hiring someone to solve a problem, be it “I don’t want my guests to be bored”,  “I want my event to stand out”, or just “I love magic” (and don’t have any).  How well you succeed in solving these problems depends on the personality of the magician and the power of the tricks they perform.

“On top of being a great magician he is a great person, I would recommend the experience 10000 times!”  Charlotte Coquiallaud

Less experienced (cheaper) magicians do not in general have the same people or magical skills as Red Hat Magic.  There will be exceptions of course, just as on ebay somewhere there is that bargain car that is going cheap and has nothing wrong with it.

The difference in price between hiring Red Hat Magic, with guaranteed results, versus a cheap magician with possible disaster is minimal.

But on to the tricks.   Why is it that experienced photographers, wedding industry professionals and high end venues all rate Red Hat Magic so highly and recommend Red Hat Magic to their clients?

 “I can honestly say yours was the most outrageously good magic I’ve seen at a wedding!”  Graham Nixon, Wedding Photographer

“I’ve worked with a lot of magicians and never seen anyone do anything like that!  Such good entertainment!  This guy’s a genius”  Ginny Marsh, Wedding Photographer

Standard Trick:

A £10 or £20 note is borrowed and is turned into a £5 or a £50.  The note is turned back and returned to its owner.  It’s a good trick which surprises no one.  Everyone knows the ending from the beginning.


Red Hat Magic Version:

A note is borrowed and signed – and I promise to turn it into gold – but the trick goes wrong and all I have is a blank piece of paper – mortification.  What to do?  Some kind of recompense is required, – an art work – An origami phoenix.  The phoenix is reborn from the flames, the paper is lit and an egg appears from no-where – listen it is about to hatch.  Inside the egg is the signed note.

Nerdy Analysis:

  • The premise of the trick is benign – “I am going to turn your money into gold”
  • It is logically consistent – I am taking your money to give you a gift.  It has gone wrong I must offer recompense – exactly what you would feel.  An origami phoenix.
  • In legend a phoenix dies in flame and is reborn.
  • The egg hatches and out comes – not  a phoenix but the signed money.
  • Points of magic.  The standard version has one – the money changes, though amazing, everyone expects it.
    – The Red Hat Magic version has three.  The money changes, then the bits no-one expects.  The egg appears (everyone gasps at this), the money is inside the egg (everyone goes nuts, passes round the note, sniffs it and confirms yes it did come from the egg).
  • The Red Hat Magic version has three points of magic rather than one,  with a benign rather than smarmy premise, unexpected twists, an astonishing ending with more opportunities for banter and laughter along the way.


Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It The Red Hat Magic Way?

  • Well first I haven’t published the method.
  • Second it requires more work to come up with a presentation than it does to learn a trick – that the premise is logical matters to me.
  • Third it requires a greater commitment to you, my client – There are magicians (plenty of them) who don’t want to put in more preparation than picking up a pack of cards.  They know that people will be impressed that they found the card – I think you deserve the best magic – and if that takes hours of preparation so be it.


“My band and I met Danny on the wedding circuit and were blown away by his work! He’s such a lovely guy, very friendly, funny and magical! Definitely the best we’ve seen – a great choice for weddings and parties.” – The Rythmn Stars