Price vs Value

Price vs Value

I recently had a chap tell me that my prices were too high because playing cards are cheap.  This got me thinking.

When I started out charging for magic I was a lot cheaper – a wedding would be about £200 (no-one was booking me for parties or corporate gigs).  People liked what I did and I received good reviews because I had charm and because the magic I was performing was better than the trick their grandad did……but I look back on those days and shudder slightly.

I’d be really surprised if people remember those tricks for years.  I came across as what I was – a cheap magician.  OK for the pricepoint I suppose but not what I would choose for the biggest day of my life when I am spending thousands.

These days I charge more but also offer much better value.  I guarantee you and your guests will be remembering the amazing time you had with Red Hat Magic for years to come.



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