4 Risks When Hiring a Cheap Magician

The 4 Risks of Hiring a Cheap Magician

Of course everyone wants cheap and somewhere there may be a good cheap magician…but you do tend to get what you pay for. Cheap is risky and do you want to be wishing for what you could have had?

1) They might not turn up

If you are paying a very cheap price you need to ask yourself why.  Some (horrible) magicians will charge a low fee to fill up their diary and if they then get another gig on the same day paying better they bump the first job.  Disgraceful, reprehensible, but it happens; don’t let it happen to you.

2) They might not be any good

We’ve all met that person – the one with their card trick.  They might “find your card” but goodness you wish they hadn’t bothered!   Good magic is a rollercoaster of entertainment and amazement, interactive and mind-boggling, using a wide variety of objects and styles.  Good magic enhances your reputation and has everyone remembering your event for years.  Bad entertainment is more “shoot me now” – do you really want that?

3) Legal Requirements and PLI

Most venues will require your magician to have Public Liability Insurance that covers every aspect of their act and up to the level required by the venue (typically £10,000,000).  Cheap magicians often do not have the correct PLI, you don’t want to find that out at the last minute when the venue says “they can’t work here”.

4) They Just Don’t Care

I have heard horror stories of entertainers who got drunk, more often were just damn rude, and one who punched a guest!  A cheap part-time hobbyist magician has no reputation to protect.  If they perform badly, insult you or your guests, get drunk or behave in a myriad of bad ways you have little comeback so they can afford not to care.

Red Hat Magic has spent years improving, working hard and building a rock solid reputation for excellence and will go above and beyond to protect that reputation.  Our business depends on it.

So there you have it four tips on the dangers of cheap magicians.  If you would like to get in touch please ring 07754 583089 or email [email protected]

A great magician will make your event amazing.  A bad one can ruin it.  “There’s nothing more expensive than a cheap magician”.

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