6 Tips For A Perfect Wedding- A Case Study. Alex and Jo

I go to a lot of weddings in a wide variety of venues from fields to stately homes so I know what works and what doesn’t.  Alex and Jo got everything right.

  1. A variety of canapes and drinks both alcoholic and alcohol free
  2. Daytime interactive memorable entertainment to bring people together
  3. Professional photography/videography for memories that last
  4. Assigned seating and a seating plan outside the room
  5. Flower displays that were beautiful without being a problem
  6. Extras that were inexpensive allowing them to focus on other things


Whether it is stately home glamour, a marquee in a field or anything in between, your choice of venue will have a big impact on the style and feel of your day….and also on the footwear of your female guests.  High heels and soft grass can be interesting. 

Alex and Jo chose the beautiful Bury Court Barn in Bentley with its stunning views over the Hampshire countryside.  The day was glorious so they could exchange vows outside before coming into the the rear gardens with views across the stunning Hampshire countryside and provided canapes and a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks to tide people over until the wedding breakfast.

Photographer / Videographer

Professional photography or videography isn’t cheap.  Nevertheless if you have the money I think it’s worth it.  The argument that “The photo’s / video just sit in a drawer”, has some truth but occasionally you will want to look back an reminisce about your amazing wedding – and pictures really help.

Have a look at a few different photographers; you must like their style of photography and enjoy their company.  My abiding memory of one wedding is of the bride, smiling beautifully and muttering “if he calls me “darling” one more time I’m going to kill him”.

Also ask to see some photo’s taken in poor weather.  A professional photographer will have the skills and the equipment to make you look amazing whatever the weather.

There was entertainment during the photographs

The right entertainment at the beginning of your wedding day can really break the ice and get everyone buzzing.  You need something which is fun & interactive to everyone together.  Something they haven’t seen before and will remember for ever. For further brownie points it should also work for all ages, in all weathers, an be mobile – able to go to where the guests are.

Alex and Jo chose Red Hat Magic.  I am of course biased but I genuinely cannot think of anything other than magic that ticks all of those boxes.  As a magician I bring strangers together, get them laughing, chatting and going wow….and still going wow months or even years later, and remembering the incredible time they had on your big day.

Whatever you choose, have something and apply these rules:  Will it bring people together?  Will it be fun?
Will it be memorable?

A Seating Plan

They had a table seating plan with who was sitting where on labelled bottles, arranged on a wooden step ladder with flowers.  It was beautiful, simple and stylish.

Having it outside the dining room meant that everyone could check their where they were sitting before they had to go in – which made the transition from reception to wedding breakfast smoother.

(Should you be tempted not to have assigned seating I would advise against it and suggest you read this post first)

Table Flowers

Alex and Jo had flowers but they didn’t go overboard.  Jungle arrangements are not only expensive they stop people chatting with  someone on the other side of the table.  The golden rule is the more fun your guests have the more fun you will have and the better your wedding will be.

The actual needs of a wedding are not huge

Bride, Groom, Guests, Wedding Dress, Food, Entertainment.

The optional extras however are many….but they needn’t be expensive.  Alex and Jo did well here too.

The seating plan was bottles with labels, on  a step ladder with flowers.  Elegant and simple.  You can see it at the top of the page.

Wedding Favours

Alex and Jo had lottery tickets and some bubbles.  Simple and relatively inexpensive.  Often wedding favours just sit on the table unused and I would argue you don’t need them at all (of course you might still want them).  Bear in mind if you have 100 guests and wedding favours at £3 each that’s £300 you could have spent on something memorable – your honeymoon for example.

A Memory Frame

Pictures of loved friends and family who have passed on.  A lovely idea.

Every Bride and Groom Is Different.

What is vitally important for one will be unimportant for another.  By focusing on what will be the most enjoyable and memorable experience for you and your guests you will be certain to have the best possible wedding for the best possible price.

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