Goodwood House Wedding

I am lucky enough to be asked to entertain in some very prestigious venues (and others not so posh), but it is always extra special when a venue recommends me, because it means that they trust me to protect their reputation and to entertain their clients, make them laugh, melt their minds, while at the same time remaining polite and respectful.  Goodwood House, the home of the Earl and Countess of March, is definitely at the posh end, and it was a real privilege to be recommended by Felicity at Goodwood House to entertain Steve and Sarah on the occasion of their wedding.


I arrived early and was shown to the music room as my space to prepare, comfortable furnishings, a set of duelling pistols in a case (handy in case anyone became too rowdy), some rather fine paintings and musical instruments – it made a welcome change from the toilets I sometimes get ready in!

The ceremony over…show time!  I like to begin with a card trick in which their signature jumps from their card onto my card, the pack vanishes, and their signed card is found inside a solid block of ice.   It has strong magic, lots of guest interaction (great for establishing character and getting everyone to know each other) and I know they will have never seen anything like it before… looks like a camera trick!  It also establishes my credentials as entertaining and worth watching.


More magic and more laughter, I also met a German couple, which gave me an opportunity to practise my German (ungrammatical but understandable) and they enjoyed having the magic in their own language – then off to the ballroom for dinner.  The food at Goodwood is delicious and the guests were giving it the attention it deserved.  I entertain between courses and I like to perform some special magic just for the bride and groom.  I will never forget Steve and Sarah’s faces after they each signed a coffee stirrer only to have it merge into one under the power of their love in their hands.  Priceless!


That’s what my magic at a wedding is all about, not just entertainment in the moment but memories that will last forever.


“Hi Danny

Thank you very much for Sunday evening.  The guests are still talking about your tricks along the lines of – how on earth did you do that??!!

Perfect evening, thank you again!

Steve & Sarah”

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