Mr and Mrs Hamilton-Glover on their wedding day

Posh Wedding On A Budget

The wedding of Matt and Holly was an interesting one, not only because it was held in a Scottish Castle but also because of the way it was done on a budget.

There were definitely aspects that were not cheap – hiring the castle for one, and flying me into Scotland for another, but the food and drink was provided by the family and in the evening there was a pizza van and a creme brulee van (a fantastic idea) and various lawn games for the kids, the involvement of all the family and friends in the preparation added an extra level of special as well as keeping the costs down.

The castle itself was Ferniehirst Castle in Jedburgh on the Scottish borders and is also available for shooting.  Bear in mind though that it is a family home and not open all year round.  Talk to the housekeeper Sheila (who is wonderful) about dates and if you do go take the time to visit Jedburgh Abbey and Mary Queen of Scots House.

Also of local interest (if you live near Guildford) is that the grave of Clan Kerr in Jedburgh abbey was designed by the famous Victorian artist George Frederic Watts who lived outside Compton and whose gallery you can visit there today.


“Danny performed at our wedding reception in Scotland and we would highly recommend him. He thoroughly entertained and amazed our guests to such an extent they are still talking about his tricks a week later. Fantastic value for money, thanks so much!”  Matt and Holly Hamilton-Glover