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Wedding Favours – Low Budget, Medium and High Budget

Wedding Favours – Low Budget, Medium and High Budget

History:  Wedding favours were originally given by aristocrats and were called bonnboniere.  A small crystal or porcelain box, sometimes with precious stones containing sweets.  Sugar was hugely expensive so the favours were both gift and status symbol.


Low Budget
You might like sparklers (talk to your venue), soap bubbles (talk to your venue) but if you are financially constrained then personally I wouldn’t have favours – although a staple of weddings in the past I have entertained at several weddings where there just weren’t any and nobody missed them.  If you have 100 guests and spend £3 a favour that’s £300.  You can do quite a lot for £300 – things that are more memorable than a pack of sugared almonds.


Medium Budget (£10 – 15 a head)

Small boxes of luxury chocolates with your names and date on the box, a charity donation in the name of the guest, luxury soaps, personalised tote bags or (I prefer this) something made personally by the bride and groom (small jars of homemade jam with custom labels for example).  The thing is though that even in this price range you will still  have favours left on the table.  For the same money or less you could hire Red Hat Magic, put some money behind the bar, or any number of things that would make the wedding more memorable and enjoyable than a wedding favour.


Money No Object

Rather than simply buying everyone a generic snazzy gift why not try to find out what each guest enjoys and give them something related?  You are giving the most precious gift of all – consideration and time.  If you don’t have the time to give then ask your wedding planner to either do the research and purchasing themselves or to find someone to do it for you.  Failing that then snazzy gifts are of course welcome (personally I am a big fan of beautiful pocket notepads).

I hope you have found this useful.  Any comments please email me at [email protected]