Why Hire A Wedding Magician?

At it’s most basic a wedding is the coming together of two people to celebrate their love.  If this is you and there are only two people at your wedding – yep you don’t need a magician.  But if you are having a number of guests and want your wedding to stand out then I would suggest that you DO need a magician.

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Two very different brides

Last year I met two very different brides.  The first said “I don’t need a magician, my guests are coming to see me get married not to be entertained.  She has a point.  BUT if her guests are having extra fun, SHE will have extra fun…and less stress.

The second said “I have to have you for my wedding, weddings are boring” which seems a bit harsh!  Still if you think about weddings you have been to there is a fair chance that none of them stand out.  While you are having your fabulous photos taken your guests will be standing around.  Small talk is an art and most of us don’t have it.

The time between the ceremony and the first dance is up to 6 hours – that’s longer than the DJ/Band.  That’s a long time to be talking with strangers.

A wedding is a special event which demands special entertainment – something more memorable than a glass of bubbly and a canapé.A 2014 survey in Bridal Magazine of 1000 brides found that 88% of brides wished they had spent more on entertainment.  Entertainment is often overlooked but it is the entertainment that will bring your guests together, give them something to laugh about, talk about and remember.  It gives a wedding BUZZ.

Magic is a unique form of entertainment

  • It works at any part of the day, photographs, breakfast or evening
  • Is interactive and brings people together (unlike a quartet which may be lovely but isn’t interactive and probably (hopefully) won’t make people laugh
  • Works for any age group
  • If people don’t like it they don’t have to join in (unlike music)

Reasons people give to not hire a magician

Not everyone likes magic it’s true…but I have had people who “don’t like magic” love my work and rave about it loudly to everyone they meet.  What they were really saying was they didn’t like the magicians they had seen before.  Guests love my magic, it’s modern, interactive and fun.  The kind of thing they saw on TV and didn’t believe, right in their hands.

“We had Danny to entertain our guests at our wedding… Everyone was unanimous that he made the afternoon such fun. Thanks Danny.” Kelvin Fay MAGIC IS FOR KIDS

Magic is for kids, but it is also for adults.  If you are thinking of the slapstick clowning you see at children’s parties think again.  Magic can be for everyone, kids love it yes, but so do the adults.  Your guests might arrive as strangers but they will leave as friends.

Hi Danny, Just a quick thank you for your amazing performance at our wedding on Saturday! Everyone thought you were great and we have received lots of compliments on your behalf. Thanks again.” Lauren & Ben I CAN’T AFFORD IT

Of course budgets matter, but it genuinely needn’t be that expensive.  We’re not talking Dynamo prices here. Given the large sums a wedding costs isn’t it worth spending a tiny bit extra to guarantee your day has the best vibe possible?

“Danny performed at our wedding reception in Scotland and we would highly recommend him. He thoroughly entertained and amazed our guests to such an extent they are still talking about his tricks a week later. Fantastic value for money, thanks so much!” Matt Hamilton-Glover (I am based in Surrey but I travel a lot).

Prices vary depending on what you need.  My recommendation would be during the photographs and wedding breakfast, second choice would be during the photographs to get your party off to a great start, otherwise during the evening between the speeches and the first dance to really help the new arrivals fit in.


If you started reading this thinking you didn’t need a magician I hope you are reconsidering.  Chat with me on a no commitment basis, ask anything you like and together we will talk about you, your wedding and your guests.  It will be fun!

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