A Different Kind Of Valentines Day

10 Feb, 2019

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Price vs Value

26 Jan, 2019

Price vs Value I recently had a chap tell me that my prices were too high because playing cards are cheap.  This got me thinking. When I started out charging for magic I was a lot cheaper – a wedding would be about £200 (no-one was booking me for...

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A Magician Is Like A Restaurant…

11 Oct, 2018

A Magician Is Like A Restaurant?!  Let Me Explain… Imagine you go your favourite restaurant, you go there semi regularly, the food is good, the ambience pleasant – you like it.  Every instance is enjoyable but none of them stand out – each time you go is nice but...

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Charging by the hour? I don’t like it – here’s why

03 Oct, 2018

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What Makes Red Hat Magic Different

Bride and groom enjoying magic at their wedding. A ball of ice has been produced from flame.
13 Apr, 2018

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Chris and Hannah – A Love Story

06 Apr, 2018

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Well That’s Flattering

09 Nov, 2017

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“Magician Wanted” – How Long Do You Need?

10 Aug, 2017

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Ricky Hatton & Frank Bruno

07 Aug, 2017

Ricky Hatton & Frank Bruno Delighted to be asked to be entertaining the VIP’s at “An evening with Ricky Hatton” – also featuring Frank Bruno.  Always nice to be chosen to entertain at a celebrity event.

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