Do you always wear the hat?
Usually but it’s entirely up to the client.  The hat works well though for telling guests something different and fun is about to happen


Are you a member of the Magic Circle?


How do you get to be a member of the Magic Circle?
You have to perform and are marked on technique and entertainment value


What do you charge?
Unlike most magicians I tailor my performance to what you need and provide a variety of services others do not. Each job is priced differently


How far do you travel?
Worldwide but regard anything within a 2 hour drive of Guildford in Surrey as local


Are you insured?
£10 million public liability insurance.  Many venues will require this so it’s worth asking


I am throwing a large event.  Can you provide a team of magicians?

Can you provide a risk assessment?


If you have any questions please call Danny on 07754 583089 or email [email protected]