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Party Magic – Let’s Make It Memorable

So you’ve come here looking for a magician?  Look at a few websites, get a few prices and make a decision?

Not so fast… Don’t your guests deserve THE BEST magician, not just a magician?

But how do you tell?

A great website can hide a poor entertainer.  You need to see them in action, so Red Hat Magic offers a free demo and a money back guarantee.   Call 07754 583089 for more information or for independent reviews click here.

Your party guests will form life long memories of the miracles they experience.  Using ice, telephones, rings, string, cards, fire, chocolate and much more  Danny will entertain your guests.  Minds are read and miracles happen with personalised magic just for you.   Laughter and amazement fills the room.  Incredible experiences that will be remembered and relived for years.  This is your party.

  • Red Hat Magic brings contagious energy and laughter
  • Engages all ages
  • Is interactive and the most incredible ice breaker
  • Entertains all the guests – sitting or standing

“Danny-Thank you sooo much for your amazing entertaining,thoughtful magic you provided for “Louise’s 30th” birthday party!!! Your tricks are mind blowing!!!! Everyone is still talking about you now! Brilliant show!! Thanks again- Lindsey”

Not convinced?  

Read my independent 5 star reviews here or book a free demo.  

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