Looking for a mind-blowing Party Magician?

"Our party was THE EVENT of the year"

With bespoke magic and mesmerising tricks, NOBODY is left out as Danny The Magician engages with everyone. True party entertainment from Red Hat Magic!

Bookings are already filling up for the second half of 2020 as people move their dates, so don’t miss out and make your private party a spectacular one! Contact Red Hat Magic today.

Magician has wowed a group of party guests

Do you have special date coming up or are you absolutely dreading the idea of yet another dull birthday party?

Or perhaps the in-laws are coming over for Christmas and you are looking for a magical evening?

Then you need to hire a party magician for this special occasion and make it a night to remember! Contact Red Hat Magic today as spaces are already filling up.

Prices are from £300 – £1200 with most spending £500-695

"We were lucky enough to have Danny for my brothers 30th this weekend just been. He was brilliant throughout the night and kept amazing us all time after time with his tricks. Not only is Danny a charming and endearing person to be around but also a fantastic party magician! Couldn’t recommend more if I tried! Thanks again Danny!"

Scott Smith

What can you expect from a Party magician for hire?

The first thing Danny will do once in contact with you is to start to design the magic, personalising it for you and your guests.

Magic is supposed to be wonderful and fun and exactly right for the audience. Danny always captures the heart of the event and makes sure everyone there is thoroughly entertained and delighted.

“Danny elegantly and powerfully wowed our 140 people strong evening engagement party, ranging from 18 year olds to my mum of 91! They all loved his magic. Thanks Danny”

Michael Smith

Party Magician wanted? Call Danny on 07754 583089

The Magician creates a ball of fire at a partysurrounded by people laughing
A woman throws her hands up and her head back in astonishment at the party magician

What type of parties or events do you entertain for?

Red Hat Magic is suitable for almost all adult party entertainment. A party magician can design around a private party or a corporate party or corporate event.

Many of the events Danny has attended are:

A Christmas magician can be especially perfect leading up to one of the most stressful times of the year. Make your private party a fantastic one by hiring an incredible magician entertaining you for the whole occasion.

As an example of one of the more famous places that a private party has been held is inside of The Calvary and Guards Club, Mayfair in London. That was a remarkable evening!

Contact Danny today to find out more about the best party magician based in London and the UK.

What type magic is best for my party?

Mix and mingle magic, table magic or cabaret, as a magician Danny has entertained at hundreds of events and would be delighted to help make your party the one everyone remembers.  His goal is to create a performance for everyone there to enjoy. Here’s a bit of what he does during the magic show:

Mix and Mingle Magic:

If your guests are sitting or standing around with food or drink, this where Danny the magician will shine when he speaks to the guests in groups or pairs with up-close magic. He will perform magical tricks and dazzle with his spectacular mind-reading abilities…

Table Magic:

This is a great opportunity to get the table chatting, cheering and laughing. All magic tricks are specifically designed for tables so that the audience can be captivated while be being right by the action. Every table gets a private show with custom magic between courses. Now how’s that for a special evening!

Carbaret Style:

Danny will be performing up in the front of the whole audience. He does not need to have a stage or large area to perform. These mini shows include mind-reading, charm and even banter for the whole room to enjoy.

a picture of the magican Danny Jurmann aka Red Hat Magic in his trademark red bowler hat

What happens when I hire a Party magician?

When booking with Danny he will customise the event just for you with personalised magic. He will help you decide on the best plan so that it compliments the whole event and provides a perfect experience for all.

He aims to make the whole hiring process as simple as possible and as helpful as possible!

“I hired Danny Jurmann for my best friends 50th Birthday Party for a Saturday. Danny arrived promptly and mingled with the guests so my best friend was unaware he was in the room (as planned). He surprised her with a fantastic couple of tricks which drew in an audience! Danny spent the whole evening mesmerising everyone.

I would highly recommend Danny for any event. He ticked all the boxes and much more! He was very entertaining and all the guests loved him and they are still talking about him now! Thank you Danny for a great evening!”

Angelique & Denise

Did you know about his Magician Awards?

Danny at Red Hat Magic has been nominated and awarded several types of prestigious accolades and honors! These and the accreditation’s he has received include:

  • The Global Entertainment Awards ‘Best Private Events Magician 2018’
  • The Wedding Industry Wards Regional Finalist
  • Member of ‘Equity’
  • Member of ‘The Magic Circle’
  • Over a 57 5-Star reviews on the Red Hat Magic Facebook page

And Recommended by:

  • The Ravenswood
  • Somerley
  • Losely Park
  • Goodwood House
  • The Cavalry and Guards Club
  • Ferniehirst Castle
  • Froyle Park
  • Northbrook Park
  • Woodlands Park
  • Groomes
  • Highfield Park
  • Frensham Pond Hotel
  • The Casa Hotel
  • Blank Canvas Weddings
  • Gate Street Barn
  • The Groundlings Theatre
  • The Bush Hotel
  • The Old Vicarage
  • ….and many more!

Looking for an amazing performance from a party magician?

If all of above looks great to you, just get in contact! Danny is always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Red Hat Magic attends birthday and Christmas events, corporate events, anniversaries and more! For a perfect experience, contact Danny today. Bookings are already filling up for early 2020!

Bookings are already filling up for the first half of 2020, so don’t miss out and make your private party a spectacular one! Contact Red Hat Magic today.