23 Feb, 2019

The Wedding Quiz

23 Feb, 2019

Question 1: At the last wedding you went to what colour were the seat covers?

Question 2: At the last wedding you went to what was the starter?

Question 3: The next day was everyone talking about the amazing cake?

Don’t Remember?
In a survey of 1000 brides 88% wished they spent more on entertainment

“It has been a good couple of months since our wedding, but I still have people telling me how good Danny’s magic was and I could not agree more!!!”  Roshni Pankhania

“Thanks Danny for entertaining the guests at our wedding. We’re still talking about “how did he do that?”!! Superb, professional and, above all, very entertaining.” Steve Batchelor

Austine & Michael with Danny The Red Hat Wedding Magician

“All our photos with the magician in action showed every guest stunned or laughing”

Bride and Groom enjoying Wedding Magic