The Most Amazing Magic Trick I Never Want To Perform

10 Dec, 2018

The Best Magic Trick I Never Want To Perform

My newest bit of magical kit costs £3 and can save someone’s life – it’s called an oropharyngeal airway.  If someone has a severe allergy they can go into anaphylactic shock.  You’ll know because their head swells up like a balloon.


Severe allergy sufferers will often carry an epipen – it’s a fancy injection.  Whip off the top and stick it in their thigh.  It will go through most clothing but possibly not leather.  If there are two pens use one in each leg (not the same leg).

If they stop breathing it may be that their airway has collapsed.  The funny looking tube is called an oropharyngeal airway and it is used to keep the tongue out of the way and the airway open.

If someone stops breathing at your party then in 5-6 minutes their brain will start to die and in ten minutes they will be dead.  This tube can save their life.


On Saturday I heard scary words “one of the guests has a nut allergy”.  Should the worst happen I am now prepared.  My newest piece of magic kit cost just £3.  I hope never to have to perform it but if I do it will be the finest magic trick I will perform in my entire life.  If you buy the kit you could do it too.

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Useful Information:

Did you know there is a first aid app?

Buy an airway for £3

How to use an airway

Don’t have an airway?  Use a piece of hosepipe or any tube.  Will it hurt them?  Yep.  But they’ll live.

How to perform CPR

The emergency number across Europe is 112.