Would you like a better ROI?

Danny works with you to stop passers by, validate them and bring them to your sales team. A friendly introduction to the sales team including the clients name, business and what they are after provides an easy conversation opener and saves the sales team time. This means the sales team can help the client more quickly and will frees the sales team for the next client sooner.

A Case Study

Meet Nicolas.  Nicolas is a charming salesman working for a French company that sells enterprise training management software.  The company wanted to meet representatives from companies with 1000 plus staff.  I stopped people with a magic trick.  Got them in a good mood, validated them and passed the good ones on to Nicolas.  Here’s what he said…

“Danny was an incredibly friendly and reliable individual who went over and above what was required for him. We obviously needed his skills as a magician/orator, and he performed these brilliantly. He was always punctual and put himself out to attend additional briefings. The feedback we received regarding Danny’s approach was truly excellent and I would certainly be keen to use him again“.


Winner of the Best Private Events Magician 2018 recommended on  LinkedIn

with 5 star reviews on FaceBook, Google.