The Wedding Quiz

23 Feb, 2019

Question 1: At the last wedding you went to what colour were the seat covers?

Question 2: At the last wedding you went to what was the starter?

Question 3: The next day was everyone talking about the amazing cake?

Don’t Remember?
In a survey of 1000 brides 88% wished they spent more on entertainment

“It has been a good couple of months since our wedding, but I still have people telling me how good Danny’s magic was and I could not agree more!!!”  Roshni Pankhania

Magician producing an egg from flame at a party

“Thanks Danny for entertaining the guests at our wedding. We’re still talking about “how did he do that?”!! Superb, professional and, above all, very entertaining.” Steve Batchelor

Austine & Michael with Danny The Red Hat Wedding Magician

“All our photos with the magician in action showed every guest stunned or laughing”

laughing guests at a wedding watching the magician
Bride and Groom enjoying Wedding Magic
a little boy looks at the wedding magician
Bride and groom looking at a £20 note with their face on it. Magic trick at their wedding