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“It was so much better than I could ever of imagined. The magic he performed was top class and had us all gasping, we even had some stern sceptics in our group who were amazed and won over within a trick. The personal touches Danny made for Me & Hannah was an added bonus as well and we have some great mementos that will be on our wedding memory shelf for a long time to come! We highly recommend Red Hat Magic for any event!” – Adam and Hannah Prickett

Red Hat Magic is the ONLY magician to reach the regional finals in THE WEDDING INDUSTRY AWARDS
South Central region as voted for by brides and grooms.

Welcome To Red Hat Magic

If you are already aware you need entertainment at your wedding – congratulations you are on your way to having an even more special day!  Click here to contact Red Hat Magic.  If on the other hand you are unsure take two minutes and try this.

Find your partner and pretend you do not know each other and are meeting at a wedding for the first time.  What do you say?  What do you do?

Chances are you ask a few obvious questions and then wonder what to say next.

No More Awkward Silences

The problem with weddings is that you usually you are putting people together who do not know each other very well.  With the best will in the world you are not going to manage to arrange the tables so that everyone knows each other and after the obvious questions have been asked people struggle.

Red Hat Magic is the solution, bringing your guests together in a fun, wonder filled amazing way. Their laughter fills the air, cries of amazement and good natured banter.  You could have small talk – or you could have Red Hat Magic.  Play the video and watch the reactions.

Click video to play

Incredible Photographs

You want photographs of your special day.  You’ve paid a small fortune for your photographer and want the best photographs to capture the moment and the atmosphere.  The problem is that point a camera at someone and they instantly go into a pose.

Photographers love Red Hat Magic.  While your guests are gasping and laughing your photographer can snap away unnoticed.  You get fantastic photos which capture the fun, the excitement, the moment.

“I can honestly say yours was the most outrageously good magic I’ve seen at a wedding” Graham Nixon – Wedding photographer

Something Different, Something Fun

Weddings are often very similar.  If you’ve been to several weddings over the year the chances are that none of them stand out, nice, but not memorable.  Magic at weddings is increasing but is still rare – most of your guests will never have experienced top quality, professional magic before – in front of their eyes and in their hands.  Red Hat Magic brings the WOW factor so your wedding is the one everyone will remember.

Danny was great right from the start! All of my wedding guests loved him and I’ve had lots of positive feedback. It was worth every penny and helped to make my special day perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to book him again. Thank you Danny. Jenna and Miles


Mementos To Treasure

Red Hat Magic is the only local magician creating customised magic giving you personalised magical momentos for your wedding memorabilia shelf or album.  Play the video for an example.

What do Red Hat Magic Clients Say?

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