Why would you hire me? Good question and one I ask myself regularly! However people seem to like what I do. Here are some possible explanations…


I don’t take myself terribly seriously.


I do engage with your guests and make everyone happy and full of laughter.


I do a wide variety of tricks…..some magicians only do a few tricks and repeat them all night. I do repeat some tricks but where most magicians perform maybe 6 different things. Me? At a recent wedding I did 22…..which is maybe a bit nuts but everybody loved it so hey ho. My magic is also very strong…..the sort of thing you see on TV and dismiss as lies :-).


I have lots of nice reviews….but the ones to pay attention to are the ones from fellow events professionals who see a lot of magicians. For example…

“I have worked with a lot of magicians and never seen anyone do anything like that! Genius!” Ginny Marsh – Photographer

“The most outrageously good magic I’ve seen at a wedding.” Graham Nixon – Photographer

Danny’s close up magic skills are wonderful, his interaction with the delegates which really make him stand out.” Allison Glandfield – Events Manager


PLUS I have a 25m swimming certificate – admit it, you’re impressed (confession I was fitter then, now I just sink).


You will find cheaper magicians and some of them will even be quite good. Why then do I charge more? It’s the drugs I slip into people’s coffee to make them like me…..they cost a fortune!  The other reason might be that I offer incredible value.  Not just amazing magic and an engaging personality but also I spend more and stay longer making sure your event is as amazing as it can be.


I don’t charge by the hour!  Yay!  It’s better service….if things overrun, take longer or whatever it’s my problem not yours….and I don’t mind, so everybody’s happy!  I like everybody happy, you will too – it’s a good vibe!



If you are looking for someone fun, engaging and maybe something a little off-beat (what gave it away) I might be a good choice (or not, who knows).


Have a wonderful time whoever you choose.[vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”Contact Danny” color=”danger” align=”center” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fredhatmagic.co.uk%2Fcontact%2F|||”]