Wedding Magician and Party Magician

There’s Something About Debbie

The last two Debbie’s I have entertained have shared an unusual characteristic.  Neither liked magic….so what to do?

The first Debbie was  the bride.  Her opening words were “I don’t like magic, I wouldn’t have hired you, he loves it do it for him”  ….so I did a wedding magic trick for the groom Paul & melted his and Debbie’s minds.  Debbie was delighted and her next words were “You are my friend – you can do magic for me”.  Job done and since then I have had a really lovely email.

The second Debbie was at a corporate party and was scared of magic….so I entertained everyone else.  By the end though she wanted to join in and was the star or not one, not two but three tricks!  Major kudos to Debbie the new party magician’s assistant!  Had super feedback from them too – you can read the review from Christine Davies on LinkedIn.


The secret is being respectful, being fun, and being amazing.

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