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A Party In France

It was something of a surprise and an honour to be recommended by royal photographer Scott Collier to entertain at the birthday party of one of his good clients Georgina Dashwood, at her home in France.  The fact that her previous magician had been Derren Brown certainly gave me some pause for thought, but then Derren’s style and mine are very different so I wasn’t too phased.

What happened?

Next step was the secret preparations!  The party theme was purple – so step one buy a purple suit!  Step 2… custom magic.

Scott gave me a photograph so I could have her photograph on the back of playing cards and Georgina gave me the name and details of her good friend Brian Jubb.

Brian told me about the large pigeon house (more of a tower) under which Georgina and friends would like to sit in the evening, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the view.

This became a trick where I tried to find Georgina’s card, failed, tried to phone Derren Brown, failed (my phone started smoking), sent him a message by balloon, failed, then by pigeon.

The pigeon (a full sized toy pigeon) appeared from nowhere, had a small accident, the card was revealed on a miniature toilet roll, and then a bottle of wine also appeared from nowhere to go with the pigeon.

A later trick (which I shall keep to myself) resulted in Georgina successfully divining the code for a locked parcel inside which was a birthday present from me, which she enjoyed so much apparently she was talking about it for ages after.

I am truly privileged to meet such wonderful people and help them to celebrate the biggest days of their lives with custom magic, fun and laughter…..but I couldn’t have done it without Scott for recommending me and giving me the photo and Brian for giving me the inside scoop on Georgina;  thank you both.

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