Pitching My Wedding Magician Services At Hampshire's Biggest Wedding Show

I’d never been to this show before but went intending to make a splash.  Wedding banners, brochures printed, tv showing wedding magic showing lots of people going wow and laughing – a good demo of my skills and just what you’d want from your close up magician at a wedding…..


Except for the first half of the day no-one stopped to chat.  The magician had made himself invisible!  A miracle!

So after lunch I changed the set up – screen back, table up, and FINALLY finally people stopped to be entertained… and then it was more fun.  People realised the advantages having professional wedding entertainment in the form of a skilled and engaging close up magician could bring to their wedding day.

I’m great at entertaining – multiple awards, great reviews but I wish I was also good at sales and marketing *sigh*.  


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