Jerome and Lisa’s Gender Reveal Party

Jerome, Lisa and the Surrey magician - gender reveal party

What Is A Gender Reveal Party?

Once upon a time it wasn’t until after the birth that parents would discover the sex of the baby, but those days are long gone.  There are advantages to knowing in advance…. planning becomes easier.  But at the same time some of the excitement has been lost… or so we thought.

The Gender Reveal party is a happy medium between the two. extremes and has several benefits.   Friends, family and the parents themselves find out the big secret before the birth (giving time to prepare) but at the same time creating a fun time for the parents to be and their friends to share.

The Party

Only grandma and me knew the baby’s gender.  Neither of the parents, Lisa and Jerome, knew and nor did the guests with their “Team boy” or “Team girl” stickers (Jerome had one of each… a prudent and wise choice.  Lisa – Team boy). 


There was food, there was drink, and there were party games (see below for an ace one you can “steal”)  and of course there was close up magic before the grand finale.


The grand finale of a gender reveal party is always the reveal of the baby’s gender – this could be with balloons, it could be an announcement… but Lisa and Jerome wanted the big reveal to be magical way.


Their wish, my command… and without giving too much away Lisa was made the star of the show.


So how did it go?  Lisa and Jerome gave their view here. 

*Note Jerome and Lisa were so happy they chose to give a tip!  They didn’t have to!! lol

The Gender Reveal Party Game


A Fantastic Game For Gender Reveal Parties





·      Two chairs back to back in the centre of the room. 

·      Each partner sits in a chair.  They cannot see each other.

·      Each partner has two paddles.  One with their name / symbol on and one for their partner.

·      A friend calls out the questions and the parents to be raise the paddles they believe to be the correct answer. 

·      Laughter and banter ensues…



The Questions.


1.        Who will be the first to teach the baby a silly dance?

2.        Who is the most nervous about becoming a parent?

3.        Who is more likely to accidentally put the baby’s clothes on backward?

4.        Who will change the baby’s first nappy?

5.        Who will gag first when changing a poopy nappy?

6.        Who will do more night feedings?

7.        Who is more likely to invent funny nicknames for the baby?

8.        Who will be the expert at assembling baby toys and furniture?

9.        Who is more likely to turn the house into a playground?

10.  Who is more likely to have a secret stash of baby snacks?

11.  Who is more likely to forget the baby someplace?

12.  Who will initiate the first family selfie with the baby?

13.  Who will be more creative in making up bedtime stories?

14.  Who is more likely to end up playing with baby toys themselves?

15.  Who will be more enthusiastic about attending parent-baby classes?

16.  Who is more likely to sing off-key lullabies to the baby?

17.  Who will have the most effective tricks for soothing a fussy baby?

18.  Who will be more excited about planning the baby’s first birthday?

19.  Who is more likely to start a baby fashion trend within the family?

20.  Who is going to worry more during labour and delivery?

21.  Who is going to be in charge of baby proofing the home?

22.  Which parent will pick up more of the baby’s stuff around the house?

23.  Which parent is going to be stricter?

24.  Who will create the most bizarre baby food combinations?


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