Guess what 78% of couples wish they had spent more on at their wedding?

What did 78% of couples wish they had spent more on at their wedding?


In a survey of 1000 newlyweds a whopping

  • 78% said they wish they had made the entertainment their highest priority.
  • A huge 81% guests said they remembered the entertainment the most.
  • Yet most couples had only allocated 5% of their budget to entertainment.
  • Nearly 100% said they definitely would have spent more money on the entertainment.

When they hear the words “entertainment” most couples will go “I’ve already got my band / DJ”  or “We’re having a photobooth”.

Do you think the couples in the survey DIDN’T have these things?   EVERY wedding has music, and most have a photobooth.  Of course they did…so why did they wish they’d had more entertainment?



I’m going to suggest that the problem is not the band or the DJ, or indeeed the photobooth…. it’s that by the time the evening is reached your guests have spent the whole day, often with people they don’t know, making polite small talk and that’s not fun.


And you know what?  The more fun your guests have, the more fun you will have, the better the photographs will be and your wedding will be better for it, the one you reminisce abour and whose memory makes you glad.

” Vincenzo di Matteo – LinkedIn

By providing a skilled (not the cheapest) comedy magician who will interact with your guests, make them interact with each other, BREAKING THE ICE,  making them LAUGH and making them go WOW you will have the wedding YOU DESERVE.

Unless you are very lucky budgets will be a consideration…so consider this.  Think about weddings you’ve been to.  Do you remember the wedding invite you received? Have you kept it?  What were the wedding favours?  Did you keep them?  Did any of them make you laugh, bring strangers together or have a high positive impact on the day?

Couples spend a lot of money on things that guests neither care about and which they won’t remember.  They certainly don’t raise the energy or break the ice.


He’s got some amazing tricks and is so much fun. We 100% recommend Danny – yes weddings are expensive but booking Red Hat Magic is money well spent.” Carly Scholes – FaceBook review


  • During the morning reception / photographs.  
  • During the wedding breakfast
  • Between the speeches and the first dance

Photograph by Red Door Photography

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