Rail Strike!

Let’s be honest, whether you agree with them or not the rail strikes can be a bit of a pain. So it was for me last Saturday when the plan to take the train to the gig was thrown out.


Not a huge problem. Left extra time, booked a parking space (I use “Just Park”), drove up, climbed a murderous MOUNTAIN of stairs, panted like I was about to die and then the show. Happy customers.


You are the same. Things that might be a problem for others you don’t see as a problem at all. You have the contingency plans that mean you will not fail. You are professional.


I have lost customers who went with someone “more local” because that made the client feel more secure. They weren’t more secure but they felt it.


That’s th challenge. How do we let our customers know we have their backs whatever happens?


Communication is part of my answer – hence this article. What’s yours? I’d love to know.


If you have an event that would benefit from some Red Hat Magic, national or international* you can be certain you are in safe hands. Whatever the distance.


Thank you for reading and (hopefully) thank you for commenting and sharing your experiences.



*PS I was entertaining at a wedding in the South of France when the flights were cancelled. Hired a car, drove to the station, train to Paris, then Eurostar, made it in time for the wedding that day in the UK.

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