Elementor #7804

Incontinent Dogs, Snoring Husbands

This is a picture of my beautiful “baby” girl, Lyra Belacqua Jurmann. 14 years old, a little bit grumbly, definitely wearing purple and slightly incontinent. I love her to bits.

Lyra doesn’t snore, but I do. After a gig I like to wind down with a beer, which makes me snore, which disturbs my wife June and well I am sure you can picture the rest.

It’s not as if it has to be this way. I could not drink the beer, or there is a spare room June could turf me into… and yet she doesn’t.

Why? Lyra, our incontinent dog likes to go out for a wee at 4am and June would prefer that I am the one to get out of a warm bed into the cold night air to deal with it.

The value of me getting up instead of her is worth the cost of my snoring.

It’s the same with hiring me. There is a cost (I’d like to be paid) and you do have alternatives (there are other magicians). But people consistently find that the value of Red Hat Magic / Danny Jurmann entertainment exceeds the cost and have me back.

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