A woman holds up a card while another applauds at a party. The magician is between them.


Red Hat Magic Top Tips For A Super Wedding

The more fun your guests are having the more you can relax and the better your wedding day will be.  You will have better photographs, memories and everything else.  The most important part of the day for a successful wedding is the photographs.  Bonding the guests here creates a feel good vibe for the whole day.   Entertainment is key in bringing them together and creating talking points….and is a lot safer than people hitting the bar hard!

The Cheap Option (if you can rely on the weather) is to hire party games.  Croquet or giant jenga are all available (but not from me).

The Professional Option.  Hire Red Hat Magic (well I would say that) but it’s true, my magic  brings people together and leaves memories that last.  Red Hat Magic is the ONLY MAGICIAN regional finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards 2018 – South Central region.

You don’t need to have everything (really you don’t) and many things at a wedding are quickly left on the table and forgotten.  Wedding favours are a good example – no one is going to rave about the sugared almonds you spent £200 on – and mostly favours stay on the table.  Focus on a few things that will leave lasting memories.  With the money you save buy fancier shoes, a few more drinks on your honeymoon, or entertainment for you and your guests (totally biased but accurate advice 😉 )

It has been a good couple of months since our wedding, but I still have people telling me how good Danny’s magic was and I could not agree more!!!  Thank you Danny for entertaining our guests, especially with them being a hard crowd to please. You were great and definitely had us wondering how you did your magic tricks – there were many tricks that I had not seen before. We have just received our photos and I cannot wait to look through them and see the reactions to your magic! I am so glad I booked you and loved how you personalised the magic for us.  Thank you again and all the best, from Ravi and Roshni

Natasha Wiggins – Wedding Hair and Make Up Artist

Natasha Wiggins does both hair and make-up meaning everything can be done using just one supplier – which is easier.  Natasha has been going for 15 years and has a team of 15 professionals.  Catherine Edwards is one of the team.

Catherine’s Top Tip: Choose something classic that suits you and don’t just follow the latest fashion.  Pick something that shows your personality and which suits your dress.

Star Fireworks started as a family business in 1971 selling fireworks and has grown into an international business putting on displays for A list stars such as Mick Jagger, Christina Aguilera and many others.

Star Firework’s Top Tip: The mistake some brides make is thinking that they can get fireworks a lot cheaper and that the display will still be as good.  Also not all venues allow fireworks and those that do require a licensed fireworks professional.  They won’t let you do it yourself.

Photographer Scott Collier has the ability to find the visual story in every situation, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and has an incredible ability to connect with people which makes him one of the UK’s top photographers.  Ask about his hen party photography sessions.

Scott’s Top Tips: If you can get a team of two photographers, one male one female.  The boys can relax and be boys and the ladies can relax having a woman photographer during the early preparations.  Make sure your photographer is using top of the range equipment (ask on an online photographers forum).  Good equipment means great photos even in the rain.  (Note from Danny/ Red Hat Magic here.  A single lens can cost over £2000.  If your photographer is cheap the chances are they are not using top equipment).

Flowers in a Jar is based in Church Crookham where Katherine Farr makes beautiful unique floral art for weddings including a wedding dress or handbags made entirely of flowers!

Katherine’s Top Tip:  You don’t need to spend a fortune.  Our bridal bouquets become the centrepieces for the table.

The Vanilla Cake Company delivers delicious hand made cakes across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and parts of London.

Laura’s Top Tip: Consider matching your cake to the decor of the venue – and have the cake you want – don’t be swayed by family or friends!

Ginny Marsh – Wedding & Portrait photographer (Rock chick, Pinterest addict, Female Empowerer and Blogger) from Farnham, Surrey. Ginny specialises in wedding photography and video fusion. Ginny says “I have a really natural, informal and personal approach to my work, and I love to tell a story! I especially love alternative weddings or unusual themes. The unique video fusion films that I make are a mix of still images and video clips to tell the story of the day and give more impact than just the images by themselves. Another thing that makes me unique is I’m also a Stella & Dot stylist, which enables me to style my Clients on shoots with gorgeous jewellery! Customer service and client experience is something that is really important me, and I am very good at getting my clients to relax and feel comfortable in front of my camera”.

Ginny’s Top Tip:  PLEASE TELL YOUR GUESTS TO TURN OFF THEIR PHONES/CAMERAS/TABLETS! Oh. My. Goodness. I know people like to get their own photos, but pleeeease tell your guests to leave it to the professional photographer. The amount of times I’ve taken shots of the Bride and Groom at key moments (e.g. first kiss, or walking down the aisle), but only for there to be a wedding guest with a phone, or even tablet (don’t even get me started on people who take photos with tablets!!) getting right in the shot so I can’t see the Bride/Groom or your lovely guests faces!

The Ultimate Disco Company is a family firm in Wokingham providing DJ entertainment since 1992 and owned by Steve Sansom.

Steve’s Top Tip: Don’t neglect the entertainment!  The entertainment can make or break a wedding.  Good entertainment will top off a wonderful day.  Bad entertainment will take away the good memories.